From conceptualization, dummy creation, photography, final design, to the press, I am, as one Client noted: a "cottage industry". Since I rely on other designers and art directors for photography assignments, frankly, I don't push for this type of work. However, as the photography market has become recently crushed, take a look my design projects and if they fit with your visual & information needs. If so, I'm your man.

Connecticut Valley Region Porsche Club:

Coffee-table book 9"x11.5" with cover jacket, 220 color pages with over a 1000 images and related essays. Book comprises first 50 years of the Club. Principal photography provided by the Club archives, member donations and Bo Parker. Sequence of images: Cover & spine, Rear Cover, Intro Race Chapter, Intro DE Chapter, are all B.P. photos. Sample of inside page lay-out not all BP photos. Book to go to press Oct. 1st, 2010.

A few Seasonal Cards for Rockefeller Group

Marketing Brochure for Frank Mercede & Sons

Jacket Design & photography for "Stealing Eyes", romance novel

Radio City Music Hall Brochure

In 1978 Radio City Hall was ventured to be demolished and turned in office spaces. Naturally, this caused an uproar in the design and preservation community. While this situation worked its way through the public and legal process, I was hired by Rockefeller Group to record the Music Hall and staff for their archives. In a campaign to muster public outcry, the American Society of Interior Designers sponsored an exhibit, titled "Keep It Kicking", of my photographs. When the controversy had passed, I made a selection of the images and incorporated them into a five-fold 5"x42" color brochure. It was sold for $5 in the Music Hall concession and the first printing of 5000 copies quickly sold out. Alas, I was unable to come to a workable financial agreement with the concession manager for a reorder - and a second run was never produced. They are considered today quite a collectable!

Washington D.C. Book Proposal

These shots of the Washington Monument were take for a Rizzoli book of my photographs and to be authored by Roger Lewis on the architecture of D.C. Project is on hold.